Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congratulations,1234 Our-First-F***ng-House-If-All-Goes-Well Lane is Yours

OMG. przyszedl email.

"Dear Anna and her hubby,

Congratulations. We have bank approval. I don't have the bank's approval conditions in hand (any bank conditions don't effect your offer or your position), but ktośtam ktośtam of Thunderbird Real Estate tells me they have to close escrow before November 13th, which I know is fine with you. The seller's will sign the bank's approval papers tonight and we'll have that in hand tomorrow.

This is great news.

We are on for tomorrow at 6:00. We have the house to ourselves.

I'm calling it a day from my end, so we'll talk tomorrow, and we'll schedule a time for a home inspection then.

Your spastic agent "



AnetaCuse said...

Gratulacje! A foty będą?

hjuston said...

czytalam, ze w okolicach 30ej. a daleko od pleasure pt. dr?

ania_2000 said...

dlaczego your first house is f..?????

CONGRATS:) tylko zanim cokolwiek podpiszecie, to przeczytajcie uwaznie te bankowe warunki - tutaj powinnas dodac - F..Bank;)

Anonymous said...

Dorota w Colorado

salon said...

Gratuluję - święta będziecie spędzać we własnym domu:)

sorbet5 said...

Gratulacje! Trzymam kciuki!